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Quick Cash puts Car Fanatic in Drivers Seat

Edward Reiman is having an affair. The good news for Edward is that his wife of 27 years, Carol, approves; the good news for Carol is that Edward’s other “love” is a ‘75 Corvette. 

For the greater part of Edward Reiman’s 49 years, he has tinkered with, built, rebuilt and restored muscle cars. His latest project, like any true love affair, has overcome its share of ups and downs, gets more beautiful with age, and grows stronger over time. 

Edward’s love for cars began on the south side of Chicago at the age of 15 when he purchased a ’67 Chevelle. “I found the car in a pile. Its next stop was the junkyard,” Edward said.

'I'm always looking for parts and collectibles, and when they become available I need to buy them fast,' he says. 'Quck Cash is always there for me.' - Edward R., Age 49, Phillipsburg, Mo.

Even a military career including a stint in Vietnam didn’t shoot holes in Edward’s passion for cars. In fact, before retiring a few years ago as a warehouse supervisor in Mississippi, he had accumulated quite a collection over the years – as many as five supercharged classics at any one time, not to mention thousands of die-cast Hot Wheels, Matchboxes and more. “I have a 30+ year collection and they’re all metal,” said Edward. “I keep collecting. But I don’t trade or sell.”

So how does Quik Cash fit under the hood? Well, hobbies like Edward’s can be expensive. But the Phillipsburg, Mo. resident refuses to let the cost of parts throw a wrench into his passion.

“I’m always looking for parts and collectibles. When they become available I need to buy them, fast. Quik Cash is always there for me. When my checks arrive at the end of the month, I go back to visit the gals at Quik Cash and pay off my loan. They’re friendly and smiling, and – most importantly – they always ask me about my car.”

Edward doesn’t plan to end his affair anytime soon. After all, there’s always another part or a new toy. And Carol, always the understanding wife, will once again be prepared to take a backseat for Edward’s next find.

spacerEdward sometimes needs to snap up hard-to-find car parts. QC delivers.
Edward sometimes needs to snap up hard-to-find car parts. QC delivers.
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